Micro-needling is a very popular skin-care procedure in which tiny needles are used to create controlled superficial 'microchannels' or micro-injuries in the skin, in order to produce collagen by stimulating the skin's natural repair process. Collagen gives the skin its strength and structure. This results in a reduction of fine lines, improved surface texture, and creates a fresher, youthful look to the skin. A special serum applied during the treatment maximizes hydration. Mild redness may appear after the treatment, and but there is no significant downtime.

For maximum results, microneedling can be done in conjunction with a microdermabrasion Hydrating Dermal Infusion treatment, which exfoliates the topmost layer of skin allowing for deeper penetration of serum with the microneedling. The microdermabrasion is performed first.




  • Single Treatment: $375 60mins
  • Series of 6: $1,800


Microneedling/Microdermabrasion Hydrating Dermal Infusion Combo:

  • Single Treatment: $550 90mins
  • Series of 6: $2,850